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About us

Akdağlar continues to play a part in leadership in all the sectors in which it operates with over 85 years of experience while contributing significantly to the country's economy with its dynamic and hardworking team.

In the field of mining, Akdağlar's main line of work, aggregate, and sand are produced. With the increase of capacity in 2015, the goal is to have 10 million tons of production and sales annually.

Having succeeded in many important projects in the construction sector, Akdağlar was awarded Turkey's best office project with the AKPLAZA Office Complex at the 2015 European Property Awards.

Akdağlar, which made a strong entry into the asphalt industry in 2011, is today one of the largest asphalt producers in the country.

By offering quality solutions in every sector, Akdağlar has been working non-stop for 85 years to create a big civilization out of a handful of soil and make life beautiful.

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Since 1930
Prestige, Stability and Trust...


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With our leading and idealist identity, our belief in the value of research, innovation, and perfection continues. Making decisions based on information and data by using the opportunities technology provides, being aware of social responsibility and not giving up on our understanding of transparency, placing importance on tolerance and solidarity, and contributing to the country's economy and employment makes us even stronger.

Our Vision

To be an exemplary, solution oriented, dynamic, hardworking company open to business development opportunities with a team with a high potential as we meet our shareholder's expectations and contribute to the country's economy with over 85 years of experience.

Our Mission

Quality, Product, Environment and Occupational Safety Policy

In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and achieve this without compromising quality, occupational safety and environmental protection in the aggregate production sector in which we operate,

  • To produce products in accordance with legal conditions and standards by taking advantage of the latest technological opportunities in our aggregate production,
  • To ensure continuity of customer satisfaction,
  • In cooperation with our relevant parties and to help them continuously improve by ensuring their compliance with the system, to understand and analyze their expectations,
  • To be in constant communication and cooperation with relevant parties in our industry and to participate in joint studies,
  • To ensure system continuity that is appropriate to the purpose and context of our company and supports its strategic direction, to determine and develop the necessary resource needs for our activities, to ensure the constructive participation of our employees and business partners at all levels by providing them with the necessary opportunities for their personal and professional development, and to increase the effectiveness and performance of Management Systems,
  • To ensure safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and health deterioration, to prevent work accidents and to raise occupational health and safety awareness of employees and all relevant parties and to disseminate the occupational health and safety culture, to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks,
  • Ensuring the participation of employees and employee representatives,
  • To continuously develop and improve our production to meet the Integrated Management System, Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety/Health laws/regulations/standards and other requirements, to provide quality by applying it together with legal requirements, to ensure occupational health and safety, effective waste management and to prevent pollution. prevention, protecting the environment and preventing the impact on the environment through post-production regeneration projects.